How it works

Easy and fast, custom made for your needs and requirements. We created a complex, yet an easy-managing platform that can be used by everyone. All you need is a PC or a tablet/smartphone (for the iOS and Android versions) and internet connection.

How to start using Newsmap?

You will start by selecting a country of your choice from where you want to find out the most important news of the moment. You also have the possibility to filter your searches by choosing a domain of interest between Business, Entertainment or Sports.

Or simply select the Top Stories section and hit the ”Apply” button. You will then be positioned on the country you chose and you will view the news in the selected region. Once there, you will be able to read the articles and you will be redirected to the full article once you click the „Read more” button placed at the end of the news column. From there you can read more stories on the same theme or on different themes. You decide what concerns you or not because on Newsmap you have an entire informational map that awaits at only one click away.

If you haven’t tried the new and improved newspaper, we suggest that now would be the perfect time to do it! Establishing connections is now easier than it seems and you have endless possibilities to reach every corner of the world. Read the news from the intimacy of your home, on a coffee break at the office or on a sunny beach in the Carribean, all the News are now on a Map. Connecting and knowing is everything!